concrete dust

2017, 4K video, 23‘52“, color, sound

Smoke rises in front of the facade of a concrete slab building. A tracked vehicle crawls over a construction site. A hammer blow is heard from a construction worker hitting a metal surface on the roof. Between ruins and remnants from the Soviet era, a cowherd gallops about his herd. Lenin stands stoically on a pedestal, holding his right hand raised to a silent greeting. A shaman lights a juniper bush and blows the smoke over the engine of a car, saying a prayer.

Two patients are waiting in a blue hallway. The sounds of a cleansing ritual can be guessed through the walls. In the treatment room a woman sits with a shaman, a red thread is woven around her hands. Concrete Dust (2017) is a network of moments in a post-soviet periphery. Pastel colors, dusty surfaces and folkloric artifacts define the pictures. The individual shots are determined by the state of rigidity and stagnation.