nomads (2015) by Viktor Brim nomads (2015) by Viktor Brim nomads (2015) by Viktor Brim nomads (2015) by Viktor Brim


2015, 2K video, 30‘25“, col­or, sound

Two peo­ple, a young woman and a young man, are wait­ing at a motor­way inter­sec­tion. An anx­i­ety lies in the air. In the ris­ing noise of traf­fic they look at each oth­er, their glances become one with the per­spec­tive of the pass­ing cars. The noise pass­es through the grey con­crete walls, the green traf­fic islands, train tracks, trucks and the high­way park­ing lot.

Time pass­es slow­ly among the con­stant traf­fic, the trucks parked in dif­fer­ent col­ors and a dis­used motor­way entrance. Nomads (2015) takes the sta­t­ic per­spec­tive of a frag­ment­ed space in tran­sit. The stag­na­tion of inter­per­son­al dynam­ics meets mas­sive and weighty forms of urban archi­tec­ture. Emo­tion­al land­scapes pro­ceed par­al­lel to the per­spec­tives of con­crete motor­way for­ma­tions.