staging ground

2018, Mixed media video installation, consisting of HD video, 19’19”, color, sound, gravel pile 300 x 500 cm

A five-story metal apparatus with green horizontal stripes stands motionless on the water. It remains in the middle of the picture, the horizon behind it at eye level. From the right side of the colossus, a chain of buckets gradually leads directly into the water below. From his left, a huge pipe protrudes, held above the water by a chain hoist. The bucket chain begins to move clumsily. The shovel-like shapes disappear in rotation in the chimney of the apparatus, the machine slowly absorbs the ground.

A dissonant sound of a machine that has come to life penetrates from within. Clockwise, the entire apparatus slowly burrows through the layers of rock beneath the water. Not far away, barely perceptible by the unequal proportions, two men wait in a canoe. The dredger circulates and digs the ground for diamonds. It is located near the town of Almazny, which means “diamond town”. Almazny is located in Yakutia, the 14th subject of the Russian Federation.