Slide staging ground installation view exhi­bi­tion view
Cheers for Fears Festival 
Mül­heim an der Ruhr 2018 
Slide staging ground filmstil

staging ground

2018, Mixed media video instal­la­tion, con­sist­ing of HD video, 19′19″, col­or, sound, grav­el pile 300 x 500 cm

A five-sto­ry met­al appa­ra­tus with green hor­i­zon­tal stripes stands motion­less on the water. It remains in the mid­dle of the pic­ture, the hori­zon behind it at eye lev­el. From the right side of the colos­sus, a chain of buck­ets grad­u­al­ly leads direct­ly into the water below. From his left, a huge pipe pro­trudes, held above the water by a chain hoist. The buck­et chain begins to move clum­si­ly. The shov­el-like shapes dis­ap­pear in rota­tion in the chim­ney of the appa­ra­tus, the machine slow­ly absorbs the ground.

A dis­so­nant sound of a machine that has come to life pen­e­trates from with­in. Clock­wise, the entire appa­ra­tus slow­ly bur­rows through the lay­ers of rock beneath the water. Not far away, bare­ly per­cep­ti­ble by the unequal pro­por­tions, two men wait in a canoe. The dredger cir­cu­lates and digs the ground for dia­monds. It is locat­ed near the town of Almazny, which means “dia­mond town”. Almazny is locat­ed in Yaku­tia, the 14th sub­ject of the Russ­ian Federation.